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CinemaJoy.com review

Cinema Joy is an online adult movie theater created by Petra Joy and if you’re familiar with feminist erotica, you have probably heard her name many times. She’s a critically acclaimed director who is devoted to making porn for women and her works have brought her much recognition and many prominent awards. Ever since she started out in this industry, Petra Joy has been more about quality than quantity. This site is highly oriented on women and while they capture hardcore action, its movies are focused on female-centered sexuality. The movies you can stream on Cinema Joy bring you everything you desire: golden glow lighting, women with natural curves, a full view of the male performers’ bodies and faces, tastefulness, and romance.

Most of the movies you’ll find here show you straight sex but there’s also a nice variety of performers. Cinema Joy has performers who identify as gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, and even non-binary. There’s a wide range of themes too and you’ll see stuff like light BDSM, oral sex, female voyeurism, pegging, passionate lesbian encounters, and more. Apart from these films, members can check out interviews, BTS footage, and even short clips from various adult award events. I should also mention that Cinema Joy is a streaming-only platform so you won’t be able to download anything when you join it. There are more than 50 flicks in Full HD in its gallery and the rest of them are available in SD but their production values are also excellent.


  1. Some Full HD movies
  2. Interviews and BTS footage
  3. Sky-high production values
  4. Great diversity


  1. Slow updates
  2. No downloads
  3. No bonuses
  4. Many movies are in SD
  5. Pricing

    1 month membershipRebills at $29.95/mo. until cancelled

    3 months membershipBilled every 3 months at $59.95 until cancelled
    12 months membershipBilled in one payment of $119.95

Visit: CinemaJoy

Author rating

  • 86%
    Updates - 86%
  • 97%
    Production Quality - 97%
  • 93%
    Navigation - 93%
  • 84%
    Extra features - 84%
  • 92%
    Value - 92%

Porn for women is rising in popularity but it still something that we don't see very often. If you're looking for adult movies that are more passionate and include a lot of kissing and caressing, Cinema Joy will make you happy. Here, the emphasis is on female desires and erotica so it's for all those people who are tired of mainstream porn and are eager to explore something entirely different. While many of these movies are soft, they include real penetration and oral sex that's more intimate and which focus is on the woman's pleasure. The downsides of Cinema Joy are its lack of downloads, slow update schedule, and the fact that you'll often have to settle for SD resolution.

Users Rating

4.2/5 - (5 votes)

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