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uflash.tv review

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Flashing – not a kink or a fetish often seen on Internet porn sites. That's a shame, but of course there's reason for it: can you imagine how difficult it would be to set up situations where you can do this without running afoul of the law? It mght well be a full time job. There are over 20,000 videos on offer here, but some of those are set to private, and some are purely male – so, if you're interested only in women, expect around 5,000 videos. You can register, and if you do, then get on the uploaders' friend lists, you'll see that private content, as well as download in general. Unfortunately there's no advanced search, and the tags aren't great, and all on a cluttered site design too.

Even with the bad, though, there aren't a lot of places to get the specific kind of content that UFlashTV is offering. Plus, it is free. Therefore, this is an easy amateur pornsite to recommend to anyone who wants just ths, or even just wants to explore exhibtionism and voyeurism.

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