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Gay Harem

GayHarem.com review

Gay Harem brings us an unusual blend of anime, gay toon porn, and gaming. This adult game is made for men and all of the characters that are in it are handsome anime guys with hot bodies, big beautiful eyes, and huge cocks. In this adventure, your goal as a player is to collect as many of these sexy men as possible and add them to your harem. You’ll also need to be prepared for battles, as there are lots of well-built studs whose goal is to rob your harem in order to expand theirs. Gay Harem features all kinds of gay characters and you’ll be able to seize men of different body types and hair colors. The longer you play, the more of them you’ll encounter.

But you don’t have to worry, there’s plenty of blowjobs, rimming, and fucking in Gay Harem and that’s by far the best part of the game, although its other features are interesting too. Bear in mind that in order to move to the next pages, you’ll need to keep clicking. Sadly, there’s just a little bit of actual animation. Also, as your character is a gigolo, you collect money from every guy that’s in your harem. The amount you get from each one of them depends on how powerful and hard to catch they are. Further, Gay Harem has elements of a pay-to-win game, meaning that you can play it free of charge but that you’ll advance faster and finish your quests more easily if you pay, which is standard for this type of game.


  1. A large variety of gay characters
  2. Online-multiplayer game
  3. Many quests, levels, and additional games
  4. Free of charge


  1. Little animation
  2. The music never changes
  3. No sex is shown during the sex battles
Gay Harem

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    Extra features - 81%

I have to admit that Hentai Heroes is addictive and if you're someone who's already into manga and anime, I can easily recommend it. There are a lot of things going on, as this RPG game allows you to bring your kinky dreams to life as well as go on exciting adventures and show your competitive spirit. There's one thing to keep in mind though: if you want to replenish your health immediately without waiting for it to recharge on its own or get the best items when playing Pachinko, you'll need to spend some real cash. Pay-to-win games are very common but it's good to be aware of that before registering. Of course, Hentai Heroes is still fantastic and you'll have a lot of fun playing it whether you want to spend your money on it or not. You can also consult this independent Hentai Heroes review from PaysitesReviews.

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3.1/5 - (7 votes)

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